What are plugins?

You can create special effects with it,
to ad something extra to your creation.
Plugins have a nice side effect together with paint shop pro
once you know how to install them
you can do great things with it.

How to install?

You need three important files to let the plugins work, these are:
*Msvcrt.DLL*Msvcrt.10 DLL*Plugin. Dll*icmfilter. Dll
Unzip these files in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (WINDOWS XP)
if you still have the old system, unzip it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (WINDOWS 89)
This is extremely important, if you put them in another folder the plugins won't work.

Now you can download the plugins you like to give a nice effect to give your creation..
Paintshop pro already created a folder "C:\ProgramFile\Paint Shop Pro\plugins"
Here you can unzip/install the plugins.
Although i made a folder outside the Paintshop Pro folder
everytime i put in a new plugin in it i also make a backup of it.
Create a separate folder for each plugin with the name of that plugin.
now if you do this you extract filter into the newly created folder
in "C:/Program Files/Paint Shop Pro/plugins/.......(=naam van filter)
or your own created folder.
Now you have a good summary of the plugins and makes it easier to find one.

Open Paint Shop Pro and go to
File -> Preferences -> File Locations;
Now select the tab -> plug-in modules
and take it these settings

Click Browse and locate the folder  C:/Program Files/Paint Shop Pro/plugins/
(or your own created folder) click ok.

Not all plugins are free, but many do,
Go to my collection of links.


Plugins / Filters

Klik op onderstaande linken om (freebies en betaalde versies)filters te downloaden.
Click on the links to download (free and buy) plugins.

Maak je eigen filters/ Create your own plugins.

Filters van Alienskin

Filters van Cybia

Filters van Flaming Pear

Auto FX filters

Harry's filters

Red Prince filters

Ulead particle- Ulead FantasyWarp

AFH Beveler

Krusty's FX
Krusty's FX 1.0.1 vol. I,II & III

Filter Farm

Enki's Filter


Mehdi Plugins
28 Freeware filters van Medhi


DC plugins
Pro-Psych-Pro layer-The New Stuff



Kiwi's Oelfilter

Stylize filters wind-tiles-extrude-solarize-glowing edges-original photo

Alf's Border FX Border fade 1/2/3-Border film/checkers-Mirror bevel-Gear


Jama 3D

Craquelure 3D

Water Ripples

Seamless Workshop

Tile Tools

Sinedots 1 en 2,retrodots en Shear

AFH Beveler

Eliminate White Filter

Greg's factory & FM
Greg's Factory Output Filters Vol 1./2 ,Fantastic Paint Engines

VanDerLee Snowflakes-Snowscape-Nightvision-Camouflage

Photo-Plugins Free plugins

Richard Rosenman. Free plugins

Photo Aging Kit

Halo-Puddle-Lightning-Beveller-Warper-Shape Cutter-Grey Area, Drop Shadow

Xero Graphics


L & K filters

Filterverzamelsite 1

Filterverzamelsite 2

Filterverzamelsite 3

Filterverzamelsite 4

Filterverzamelsite 5

Filterverzamelsite 6

Filterverzamelsite 7

Filterverzamelsite 8

Filterverzamelsite 9

Filterverzamelsite 10

Filterverzamelsite 11

Filterverzamelsite 12

Filterverzamelsite 13

Filterverzamelsite 14

Filterverzamelsite 15

Filterverzamelsite 16

Filterverzamelsite 17

Filterverzamelsite 18

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Fonts (free downloads)

Hier kun je wel wat vinden, genoeg keuze.
Kun je een font niet vinden gebruik onderstaande zoekoptie.

Lots of fonts to choose, so you find what you seek.
If you can't find a font use the searc engine below.

Font Search Engine

Absolute Fonts Archive
1001 Free Fonts
Acid fonts
Cool Archive

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