Image made with one of the faces

Give Staci the look she always wanted
and turn her into a beauty.

I've made the face for the "Staci Express Yourself!"
It's one complete packet but if you don't have the "Staci Express Yourself!"
you can order the textures for the skin, eyes and lips seperate.

Required products:
 "Staci - Low Res!" free at "3duniverse"
"Staci Basics!" at "DAZ"
and the
"Staci Express Yourself!" at "DAZ"

System requirements:
Poser 4.1 and higher

What do you get?
6 Beautyfaces and 2 fairyfaces
1 Skintexture
4 Beautiful eyes each in 3 tints
6 lipcolors

Download :
Complete package = 6 MB
Textures only = 5,53 MB

What are the cost?
Complete package $ 7,80
Textures only $ 5,00


Complete set for Staci

Textures only