With what purpose can i use your art?

You can make everything out of it, tags, backgrounds,animations, etc,etc.
To color up your website, group, forum or club.

Are there any terms i must pay attention to?

Yes, if you use my work,make sure the following line "@rt by Barbara"
is worked in your tags, backgrounds,animations, etc,etc.

What you may not do with my work?

You may not collect them to put them on your website, group, forum or club,
or spread trough mailgroups.
You may not make tubes out of the images.

Must i ask permission for using your work?

Yes, so i now from who the interest is coming,and for what perpose it is used,
Click here to ask permission.

What about copyright?

There is taking lot of time for making one image.
Copyright stays with me.So first ask permission about that.