Hi visitors and welcome to my artsite.

I make pictures with the programs "Poser", "Bryce' and " Apophysis"
"Poser" is a 3D-program, you can make pictures who look real or even look like drawings / anime.
"Bryce" is more various, but i make most backgrounds with it
"Apophysis" is a fractalprogramma.
Afterwards i take them in "Paintshop Pro" to give them that special look.
The real small ones are my first posercreations.
and my newest creations are set by at the latest page.

For the Poserartist there are "freebies" for download and some nice stuff in my "shop".
(Only my artwork is gonna be updated "not" the freebies and shop, maybe in the future.)

Read the F.A.Q before you go on.

Have fun