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About me?

My name is Barbara Bekhuis (thats why BB Art & Design)
I live in The Netherlands in Almelo.
I work as a districtnurse.

My family

My family is small, we are with the three of us, nice and cozy.
I am married to Erik, Erik is a carpenteer
We have a son named Robin.

My hobby's are:

*Making 3D images (in the past)
*Paint Shop Pro is where it all really started (in the past)
*World of Warcraft
*Designed my own website ( only keeping it up to date now )
*Creating digital en traditional art

My favorite movies-books:

*L.O.T.R. and off course The Hobbit
*Books van John Ajvide Linqvist

My favorite singer-music

*Paul Young *Herbert Grönemeyer *New Age music

My favorite series:

*The X Files *House *ones *NCIS,CSI


We had two white shepherd dogs:
Mister (born jan.1994 and put down to sleep in jan.1999)
Gentle (born Feb. febr.1996 and put to sleep. 2007)

In the past we had an entire zoo.
*2 goldfish
*and a huge aquarium of 2 meters.

And now we have rats, love those tiny creatures.

©2009 Barbara Bekhuis