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About me?

My name is Barbara Bekhuis (thats why BB Art & Design)
I am 46 years of age.
I live in The Netherlands in Almelo.
I work as a carer in the district care.

My hobby's are:

*Make my own make 3D images.
*Paint Shop Pro is where it all really started
*Online gaming
*Design websites

My favorite movies-books:

*L.O.T.R. and off course The Hobbit
*Books van John Ajvide Linqvist

My favorite singer-music

*Paul Young *Herbert Grönemeyer *New Age

My favorite series:

*The X Files *House *ones *NCIS,CSI

My family

My family is small, we are with the three of us, nice and cozy.
I am married to Erik, Erik's caretaker in a nursing home
We have a son Robin who is 18 already so no "kid" anymore.


We had two white shepherd dogs:
Mister (born jan.1994 and put down jan.1999)
Gentle (born Feb. febr.1996 and put to sleep. 2007)

And lots of sweet rats we had.
Our first 2 rats called Knibbel & Knabbel, the 3rd & 4th rats Gandalf & Gollum.
After nr 4 they rather sit in my neck then in their cage-->Zorro,Nibbles and Ziggie Flappie (Flaps, Flapje), dikkopje.
Now we have dikkopje (she was a fat rat)(she left her sister alone bye earlie dying)
and schuddekopje (she owns her name by banging with her head al day)
These are the cutes rats with rex fur and cute dumbo ears, there character is softer then the normal rat,
so its another kind of rat, and soft and warm because of the fur.
Unfortunately they have not long to live, 2 years is old for a rat.

In the past we had an entire zoo.
*2 goldfish
*and a huge aquarium of 2 meters.
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